Region F Water Plan - Regional Water Planning Group

What's New

The next Region F Meeting will take place on February 20, 2020 at 400 E. 24th Street Big Spring, Texas. 

Notice and Agenda
Agenda Item 4a. Consideration of the Minutes of the Meeting Held on November 21, 2019
Agenda Item 4b. Financial Report 
Agenda Item 5. Voting Membership
Agenda Item 6. Designated Alternates
Agenda Item 7. Region F Officers
Agenda Item 9. Regional Water Plan Schedule Update
Agenda Item 10a. Overview of the Region F Initially Prepared Plan (IPP)
Agenda Item 11. Consideration and adoption of the revised list of Major Water Providers
Agenda Item 12a. Consider adoption of 2021 Region F IPP, allowing the consultant to
make minor revisions, if needed prior to submittal to the TWDB by March 3, 2020
Agenda Item 12b. Consideration of public hearing date (April 16, 2020) and authorization of CRMWD to post 30-day notice of public hearing

The Draft Region F Initially Prepared Plan (IPP) is currently available for review below. 

Volume I. Main Report Cover & Table of Contents
Executive Summary

Draft Chapter 1: Description of the Region
Draft Chapter 2: Population and Water Demands
Draft Chapter 3: Water Supply Analysis
Draft Chapter 4: Identification of Water Needs
Draft Chapter 5A: Identification of Water Management Strategies 
Draft Chapter 5B: Water Conservation 
Draft Chapter 5C: Regional Water Management Strategies 
Draft Chapter 5D :Major Water Provider Strategies
Draft Chapter 5E: Water Management Strategies by County
Draft Chapter 6: Impacts of the Regional Water Plan
Draft Chapter 7: Drought Response Information, Activities, and Recommendations
Draft Chapter 8: Unique Stream Segments, Reservoir Sites, and Legislative Recommendations 
Draft Chapter 9: Infrastructure Funding Recommendations
Draft Chapter 10: Public Participation and Plan Adoption
Draft Chapter 11: Implementation and Comparison to the Previous Regional Water Plan

Volume II. Appendices Cover & Table of Contents
Appendix A: Consistency Matrix 
Appendix B: Water Availability Model Analyses of Region F Water Supplies
Appendix C: Water Management Strategy Evaluation Technical Memorandums
Appendix D: Cost Estimates 
Appendix E: Strategy Evaluation Matrix and Quantified Environmental Impact Matrix 
Appendix F: Table of Recommended and Alternative Water Management Strategies
Appendix G: Drought Trigger and Actions 
Appendix H: Socioeconomic Impacts of Projected Shortages for the Region F Regional Water Planning Area 
Appendix I: Database (DB22) Reports
Appendix J: Implementation Survey 

Region F Project Overview

The Region F water planning region includes 32 counties in western Texas. The largest cities in the region are Midland, Odessa and San Angelo. Most of Region F lies in the Upper Colorado River Basin and the Pecos River Basin. While surface water provides much of the municipal supplies, groundwater provides the majority of the water to the region and includes four major aquifers and seven minor aquifers.

2021 Water Plan

The 5th cycle of regional water planning is now underway.The Region F Regional Water Planning Group is tasked with developing and adopting a regional water plan in accordance with Texas Senate Bill 1 and Texas Senate Bill 2. The 2021 Region F Plan must be submitted to the Texas Water Development Board by October 14, 2020.

2016 Water Plan

The 2016 Region F Water Plan was approved by the Texas Water Development Board on December 14, 2015 and is now available.