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Information on upcoming meetings and recent past meetings are posted here. Minutes of all past meetings can be found in the Archived Meetings.

Upcoming Meeting

The next Region F Meeting will take place at 10:30 am on November 15, 2018 at 400 E. 24th Street Big Spring, Texas.

Previous Meetings

July 19, 2018
Notice & Agenda - July 19, 2018
Agenda Item 3.a: Minutes for March 15, 2018
Agenda Item 3.b: Financial Reports through April 30, 2018
Agenda Item 4.a: County Voting Member
Agenda Item 4.b: Small Business Voting Members
Agenda Item 4.c: Designated Alternates
Agenda Item 4.d: Non-Voting Member
Agenda Item 5.c: TWDB Rules Revision Update
Agenda Item 6.b: Hydrologic Variance Request
Agenda Item 6.c: Review Draft Chapter 2
Agenda Item 6.d: Major Water Providers \
Power Point Presentation

March 15, 2018
March 15, 2018 Agenda 
March 15, 2018 Meeting Minutes
Region F New Member Orientation
Agenda Item 3C: Ratification of First Amended Task and Expense 
Agenda Item 6A: Existing Surface Water Supplies
Agenda Item 6B: Existing Groundwater Supplies
Agenda Item 6C: Extension for Technical Memorandum
Agenda Items 6D-6F: Potentially Feasible Water Management Strategies
Agenda Item 6G: Partial Scope of Work for Task 5A

November 16, 2017
November 16, 2017 Agenda
2021 Draft Population and Municipal Demand Change Request Package 
2021 Draft Non-Municipal Demand Change Request Package 
Draft Hydrologic Variance Requests for Water Availability Determination of Current Surface Water Supplies in Region F 

July 20, 2017
July 20, 2017 Meeting Agenda 
February 2, 2017 Meeting Minutes
Draft Population and Municipal Water Demand Projections
Draft Non-Municipal Water Demand Projections
Table 1 Irrigation Water Demand Comparison (2016 vs Draft 2021 Plans)
Table 2 Livestock Water Demand Comparison (2016 vs Draft 2021 Plans)
Table 3 Manufacturing Water Demand Comparison (2016 vs Draft 2021 Plans)
Table 4 Steam Electric Power Water Demand Comparison (2016 vs Draft 2021 Plans)
Table 5 Mining Water Demand Comparison (2016 vs Draft 2021 Plans)
Water User Group Survey Example